Mental Heath & Depression Recovery Speeches & Presentations

Women and Depression:
Awareness, Hope, and Recovery


It’s time for an open dialogue about women and depression. Why? The statistics are staggering. Thirty percent of women are depressed, with 41 percent of them too embarrassed to ask for help. Depression is the leading cause of absences from school and work, more than any other disorder or mental illness and the number two cause of sick leave in the United States. Although depression is known as a mental illness, it affects the body physically as well. Yet, depression is one of the most treatable disorders—up to 90 percent of those who seek treatment find relief, and we are not openly talking about it.

Carol presents an honest look at how depression is currently viewed and what changes can and should take place to help those struggling to seek treatment and move into recovery. Carol speaks from her own personal experience with crippling clinical depression, as a successful businesswoman who continues to thrive, and as a passionate advocate for mental health and others suffering from depression or other mental illness diagnoses.


To educate women on the what, how, and whys of depression while providing hope to those struggling in silence.

Presentation Highlights

  • Identify the signs of depression in women, the causes/ risk factors and treatment.
  • Recognize that hopelessness is a symptom of the illness and not a permanent condition.
  • Implement specific non-medical strategies for sustained mental wellness. 


  • Women’s professional associations/organizations/ clubs
  • Corporate women’s initiatives/women’s leadership conferences
  • Health and wellness conferences/national and state women’s conferences