Mental Heath & Depression Recovery Speeches & Presentations


Will I Ever Be the Same Again? A Recovery Story

For Carol Kivler, depression came out of the blue, to a happy, high-functioning college professor, wife and mother of three with no previous history of mental illness. Carol fell into a severe depression and was hospitalized. Despite a supportive family, caring friends and the best medical care available, clinical depression tightened its grip, completely resistant to psychotherapy and medication. She truly wondered “will I ever be the same again?” With no alternatives left and despite pervasive stigma and misperceptions, Carol agreed to Electroconvulsive Therapy. ECT not only worked, it was her silver bullet out of the pit of depression. Carol had 3 recurrences but recovered each time with the use of ECT.

During her recovery periods, Carol received a master’s degree in human resource education and started Kivler Communications, a company that provides customized corporate training, development and international executive coaching. She also earned her CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) from the National Speakers Association and authored 4 books. For the past 18 years, Carol has been living in recovery – proof that recovery is not just possible, it is probable.

Carol works tirelessly as a mental health advocate. The powerful and passionate telling of her very personal and harrowing journey profoundly impacts her audiences and the way they view mental illness and mental illness stigma. Carol wants everyone to know that: “People with mental illness want to be viewed as courageous survivors – to be accepted, not rejected; respected, not pitied; and admired, not feared”.


To hear the lived experience of sustained recovery, ongoing mental wellness and the return to a fulfilling personal / thriving professional life following 4 bouts of treatment resistant depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

Presentation Highlights:

  • Understand that recovery is an on-going process.
  • Learn how to hold on to hope and focus on mental wellness/positivity through challenging times.
  • Learn about an overall approach for facing and maintaining recovery and sustained mental wellness through traditional treatment as well as non-medical strategies.
  • Exercise awareness, acceptance and commitment to achieve your recovery goals using the Courageous Recovery Wellness Model.