Mental Heath & Depression Recovery Speeches & Presentations

Mental Health Recovery Boosters!


Mental Health recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. It comes, in large part, from focusing on mental health and mental wellness rather than mental illness. The challenge comes when we attempt to change our focus permanently. We tend to slide back to our old ways of thinking. That’s where Mental Health Recovery Boosters comes in!

Over 20 years ago, doctors planted the seeds of fear and limitation in Carol.  Fear and limitation became her reality.  She realized it was time for a mental wellness reality. Carol believes “If healthcare professionals start planting seeds of hope and possibilities, the patient nurtures these positive seeds, and the harvest brings about a reality of sustainable recovery.”

Carol’s road back from depression and mental illness was attributed in large part to her focus. Inspired by two universal laws she came across, she tapped into The Laws of Intention and Attraction, and found that once she refocused her attention on mental wellness rather than mental illness, positive changes began to happen. As Carol shares, “Once you set your intention to mental wellness, providence takes over and you attract experiences and opportunities to live the life you created with your intentions.”

This program is positive and inspiring, practical and empowering. Carol provides tools to help sustain long-term mental health and recovery that she learned during her journey out of mental illness. Freedom of choice is your birthright. Choosing your path is entirely up to you. Recovery is more than a possibility – it’s a probability.


To help those who have been entrenched in the medical model of mental illness, and are now ready to shift their focus to mental wellness and experience the miracles that this shift in attitude creates.

Presentation Highlights Include 

  • Control what you focus on.
  • Adopt lifestyle changes that enhance wellness.
  • Choose peace and contentment.
  • Exercise awareness, acceptance and commitment to achieve your recovery goals using the Courageous Recovery Wellness Model
  • Commit to a new focus on mental wellness with action steps.