Carol’s presentation was the best Grand Rounds we have had at the Cleveland Clinic this year.

Tatiana Falcone, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic


Your unfailing dedication to breaking down the barriers of stigma related to depression and ECT is exemplary. If only others would have the courage to follow in your footsteps, mental health treatment would no longer be hidden in the shadows. Carol, you are a true gift to humanity. I am personally blessed by your life journey and commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals with psychiatric disabilities and their family members as well as your devotion to bringing the real-world into the academic setting.

Specialty Director, Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
Yale University School of Nursing


Carol Kivler’s discussion of her journey is compelling, candid and provocative. Everyone in the audience left not just informed, but transformed.

Joy Jones
Director of Community Relations
Psychiatric Institute of Washington


Thank you, Carol, for having the courage to speak so openly at our Grand Rounds series about your journey of recovery. Your heartfelt testimonial of optimism and resilience is moving and inspirational, and is an invaluable message for professionals and lay people alike.

Jonathan Krejci, Ph.D.
Director of Training and Research
Princeton House Behavioral Health


Your Grand Rounds presentation, “The Other Side of Psychosis” was exceptionally well received by our department. Thank you once again for taking the time from your busy schedule to join us and share your expertise and advocacy.

Joseph Austerman, D.O.
Chair, Psychiatry Grand Rounds Committee
Cleveland Clinic


Both the interns and the more experienced residents were fascinated by Ms. Kivler’s talk, and wished for more. She provided living confirmation of many of the things the residents are taught-the effectiveness of ECT, the value of a long term trusting relationship with a psychiatrist, the importance of genuinely listening to the patient, and the impact of ordinary human kindness. The interns could have had no better introduction to the relationship with the patient.

Kimberly R. Best, MD
Albert Einstein Medical Center


Carol Kivler, M.S. smashes the common stereotype of the unemployed, incapable or demented individual with a mental illness. Her message of recovery, productivity and successful living is one that any individual who has, lives with or is a health care provider must hear. A successful business woman, courageous advocate and warm human being make Mrs. Kivler, a voice of reason and hope for all whose lives are touched by mental illness.

(Rev) Ben Evans, DD, DNP, RN, APN 
Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse Associate Vice President,
Behavioral Health Services, Bergen Regional Medical Center


Carol Kivler is an inspiration! The story of her own courageous battle with depression is tremendously encouraging. For an entertaining, dynamic and moving speaker on the challenges of living in recovery from mental illness you will definitely want to invite Carol to be your keynote speaker.

Mary Berger
President, NAMI Delaware


Thank you so much for your inspiring words today. I feel like I’ve been given a “booster shot” and ready to take on another challenge. You are a wonderfully kind woman.

Diana Fullem
Recovery InSight, Inc.


Thank you, Carol, for your personal testimony of hope and empowerment. The nursing students were touched by your willingness to share of your own life and your avowed ministry of fighting the social stigma of mental illness. Your message to care for the body, mind, and spirit of each individual was spoken clearly and memorably. Your presentation on ECT helped dispel some myths and encouraged a more informed perspective. Thank you again for your generous gift of words and spirit.

Marina Lutz, MSN, RN
Division of Nursing and Health Science
Neumann University


Carol was able to provide insight and I was amazed at her courage for being able to share her story, even her darkest moments. I was also more enlightened about the difficult journey that so many of our patients experience and I learned how important it is to instill even the smallest amount of hope in the lives of our patients.

Patricia Cole, MSN, RN
Prince William Health System


– As a person who struggles with anxiety and depression and is working in healthcare, your presentation was equally educational and heartfelt.

– Great great great presentation! Keeping us rejuvenated and passionate for the clients we are privileged to serve!!

– She was wonderful! I appreciated her honesty, humor, and vulnerability. She lives her values! What an example! Thank you!

– Ms. Kivler is an excellent speaker and the work she is doing is absolutely invaluable. She’s a gift to the mental health world and humanity. Thanks!

– Thank you for sharing your story. Your courage and information is very helpful and inspiring.

Attendees – Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services


I want to thank you for presenting as our keynote speaker for this year’s conference. You are a very inspiring and dynamic speaker. Sharing your first-hand experience so openly with the audience was very moving and really touched the hearts of us all. You have reminded me that there is always hope for recovery and the small things that we do on a daily basis can really make a difference in the lives of those we serve in the field of vocational rehabilitation services.

Amy M. Kaboski, MS, LRC, CRC, CPRP, NCC, DCC
President, New Jersey Rehabilitation Association


Your presentation to our group of physicians, nurses, psychiatry residents and a number of consumers was indeed inspiring.  Please do continue your courageous work, and message of hope and recovery.

William P. Shea, III, MD
Department of Psychiatry
University of Connecticut Health Center


Every time Carol recounts her own experiences with mental illness and recovery she demonstrates that people who have mental illness can and do recover and live productive lives. By standing up and speaking out, Carol is breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness one audience at a time.

Jerry Lindauer
Executive Director, NAMI-Mercer (National Alliance of Mental Illness)


Carol Kivler is a symbol of hope for anyone struggling with mental illness. Her drive to battle stigma and her commitment to wellness are truly inspiring.

Extremely captivating story and a wonderful woman with the motivation and ideas our society needs.

A very inspiring presentation that displayed how someone with a mental illness can overcome and succeed in life.

She was a phenomenal speaker! Her story is empowering and should be shared so that we can try to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and empower others with similar stories to take control of their lives instead of letting mental illness control them.

I thought Carol’s lecture was fascinating and I really appreciated her bravery in being able to share her story. I walked away from her lecture with a lot of great ideas on how to bring more positivity and wellness in my own life.

Hearing your personal story was moving and inspiring! Your ability to talk about your life experiences and frame it in encouraging others – to be aware and advocates of the reality of mental illness and the importance of mental wellness. You educated and inspired me to treat others that suffer from mental illness, the same as physical illness.

From the College of New Jersey Graduate Department of Counselor Education


In a world where spin is king, Carol Kivler is not only a breath of fresh air; she is messenger of common sense, integrity, experience and humility. It is no surprise that over 300 individuals gave her a standing ovation. Human beings seem to recognize and honor real truth when it is spoken. Carol’s honesty about what worked and what didn’t for her is an example of the type of dialogue that should be ongoing if we hope to make recovery a reality and expand our knowledge base to become more successful than we believe is currently possible. Carol was a shining example of what the hope of one person’s story, experience, and hard earned wisdom can bring to those who are willing to listen.

Wendy Wood
Director of Opportunity and Networking
Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers’ Association


Carol’s presentation on the ABC’s of Recovery from Mental Illness spoke to every student, staff, and faculty member in attendance.  Her winning combination of brutal honesty, humor and hope left all members of the audience with a significant personal take- away and an opportunity to reflect on and implement the skills and strategies to make mental wellness a priority in our increasingly busy lives.

Pattiann McMahon
Supervisor, Democracy House – The Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service, Middlesex County College


Thank you for sharing your personal story with us. Your journey is so inspiring and your remarks were so comforting to those of us who are filled with hope for our loved ones with mental illness. It is terrific that your message is reaching more and more people, as you are an outstanding role model and advocate.

Carol Nied
Development Committee, NAMI-Mercer


Carol Kivler’s experiences need to be communicated to all employees.

St. Barnabas Behavioral Health Center


Carol Kivler is a bright light in a world that is often dark and unwelcoming to our struggles with a mental health disorder.  Carol engaged our group and her honest personal story touched everyone that was there, her encouragement to each person was of great comfort and a strong positive focus on living life in wellness from a very practical point of view. We encourage other support groups to seek Carol out to talk about living life in wellness.

Chris Chernick
President, DBSA Succasunna 


Carol Kivler is a gifted speaker with a powerful message that is helping to undo the stigma of mental illness. Her talk is a “must-see” for every medical and mental health professional who thinks they may be sensitive when speaking with patients, but who may be unknowingly perpetuating shame and stigma. Carol’s talk will leave you transformed and oriented towards a recovery-mindset.

Corinne Zupko, EdS, LPC, NCC
Adjunct Professor of Counselor Education, The College of New Jersey 


Carol Kivler brought home the humanity and the anguish of mental illness. She is so brave to take her experience on the road and speak so frankly. Thank you, Carol.

Nursing Student
Seton Hall University


Carol has given me the courage to approach not only patients suffering from mental illness but also a lot of suggestions for dealing with patients with physical illness. There isn’t such a large difference between the two populations (beyond the stigma, of course).

Nursing Student
Seton Hall University

– Carol was an amazing speaker and I really appreciated her telling her personal story. I will take so much from this session back to my workplace.

– This is a relevant topic. The speaker was dynamic and her real- life experiences along with ways a company can help employees made this an excellent presentation.

– Carol was an amazing speaker! The fact that she has experienced this first hand made it so much easier to following and believe that there is a light at the end of the black hole of depression.

– This topic has come up more and more recently. This speaker made this relevant topic accessible and memorable. I wish everyone could attend this session.

– This was a fantastic session! Carol speaking about her own mental health journey is inspiring. I feel energized to go back to work and make this a priority! Thank you!

– Carol was very knowledgeable. She was very authentic and open. Great presentation.

– Thank you for being so brave and sharing your story. Good ideas to take back and implement asap.

– She told her personal story truthfully. She showed deep knowledge of the topic.

– Carol‘s presentation was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your story and this information, and reminding those of us with mental illness that we are not alone.

– Very personable and great stage presence. Really enjoyed this session. Will utilize her toolbox to bring awareness of this topic to work.

– This was great, really had me thinking and wanting to do more. Was in tears at some points!

–  Awesome in all her ways.

Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference & Exposition


Truly touching, informative, compelling and necessary for every employer to start the discussion about depression in their workplace.  As leaders in any organization we need to be aware how many people depression and mental illness touches.  It’s not about how much money and lost work time from employees – it’s about showing how much we care about our employee’s mental health.  Carol’s presentation has inspired me to break the stigma and talk about it.  It could save a life.

Elizabeth Danforth, SHRM–CP
Director of Human Resources
Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A.


– This was the best topic of the entire conference. Carol should be brought back for a broader audience.

– Valuable topic to include at the conference. This is an area of illness that most supervisors do not know how to work with.

– This was a great session. Glad it was offered. Not something everyone talks about, but it’s out there in every company.

– This is SO relevant. Many of my staff are in this boat and now I feel like I have some tools to work with.

-Very relevant topic. She provided great resources.

Indiana State Council of the Society for Human Resource Management


Thank you for your significant contribution to the success of our program. The feedback we received was extremely positive. Most importantly, our guests came away with a call-to-action, many planning to share what they learned and experienced with key stakeholders in their organization. Stories are powerful. They provide context, kindle an emotional fire, and package facts in ways that people will remember and want to share (retell) to others. Thank you for sharing your story, your expertise and your passion for patient education and the power of patient voice in professional education.

Susan R. Grady, MSN, RN-BC
Director, Educational Strategy and Patient Engagement
MedScape Education


Thanks for your wonderful presentation and for sharing both from your heart and from your vast knowledge of the field.  I know each of my colleagues benefited significantly from your message.  I look forward to working with them to be “Stigma Busters” and “Hope Holders” here at Anchor House and in the world beyond. God bless you and your work.

Claire Walton, MA
Volunteer Coordinator
Anchor House


– Very relevant; her enthusiasm was great

– Fabulous

– Very informative and relevant to my position and company

– Very timely and appropriate

– Speaker was amazing and engaging

– Interesting, provocative

– She was fantastic in communicating what others don’t. True role model.

Human Resources Management Association of Princeton


Attendees were both educated and inspired through Carol’s sharing of her personal journey of depression and recovery. Her clear and authentic presentation style allowed people experiencing depression and their loved ones to better understand the condition, as well as the various treatments and lifestyle changes which assist in recovery.  It was obvious that Carol’s positive attitude and manner helped to encourage many people to not only overcome their symptoms, but to thrive with a sense of purpose and well-being.  Overall, Carol is gifted in engendering hope and empowering those who hear her story.

Shirley Roberts, MA, LPC, NCC
Community Health Educator
Robert Wood University Hospital Hamilton


Carol Kivler’s presence at our annual conference elevated to week to “special”. She is a  top-notch speaker who finds a way to inspire everyone in the audience. But the most remarkable thing about Carol is her generosity of spirit. Coupled with a great sense of humor and love of people, it makes her beloved by those she meets.  We are grateful to have met her, and we learned so much. Thank you Carol!

Wendy Giebink
Executive Director
NAMI South Dakota


Carol came to my church for wellness night, she was riveting! The congregation was focused and enthralled with her honesty, her openness, and willingness to share the most intimate details of her journey. I can’t think of anyone else I would want to do this type of presentation then Carol Kivler.

Cynthia Hampton
NFP Nurse Home Visitor, Children’s Futures


Thank you so much for your positive and informative presentation.  It’s refreshing to hear a success story; gives all of us hope for a brighter tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your own personal story as we continue to battle the stigma of mental illness.

Rose Carter, MSW
New Point Behavioral Health Care


Carol speaks from the heart and shares her personal journey with depression. She brings hope that recovery is possible.

Cathy Epperson
Executive Director
NAMI Kentucky


– Thank you for this noble program.

– Outstanding inspirational speaker.

– I commend you for your positive outlook on life. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of people with mental illness and those who have loved ones with mental illness.

– Wonderful, hopeful program. Thank you, Carol.

– Great presenter with good advice and information.

– Carol was wonderful! Can she come back and do some of her other lectures? Please!

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton


We had the pleasure of having Carol as our Keynote Speaker at the New Jersey Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association’s annual conference this year. The keynote, Putting the Face of “HOPE” on Mental Health Awareness: Help, Offer, Partner, Erase, was both informative and inspirational. The honesty in which Carol shared her personal experience was quite moving and reminded us all of the power of hope in recovery.

Jennifer Sperduto, MS, CPRP
New Jersey Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association


Thanks from the bottom of my heart for appearing on “American Family” to share your story about overcoming depression. You were absolutely dynamite! Your discussion was not only informative, setting a positive example for others who suffer from clinical depression but also very powerful emotionally. The insights and honesty you offered on the challenges of successfully overcoming depression were right on the money and extremely well articulated. You should be very proud of your own journey. You are certainly an inspiration to me!

Bettina Gregory
Host, GoodLife TV Network


We were very fortunate that you were able to speak to us about your illness. I believe that your presentation made a real impact on the researchers here. I have had nothing but positive comments from many of my co-workers about your presentation. I came away inspired, knowing that the medicines we are striving to develop truly make a difference in real peoples’ lives. I’ve always believed that, but real experiences and faces mean much more.

Albert Uveges
Scientist, Wyeth Research


It was our pleasure to have you come and speak with us. You were truly inspirational, and in fact made the research group realize that indeed our work is important and can impact the lives of others. Many times in our discipline scientists find themselves caught up in the scientific details and forget the true goal. Your presentation has further motivated us and will not be forgotten.

Lee E. Schechter, Ph.D.
Director, Depression and Anxiety Research, Wyeth Research


What can I say? Your presentation was absolutely incredible! My students were riveted to their seats. You have opened up their eyes in ways I never could have. Your presentation has changed not only their professional lives but their personal lives as well.

I have spoken to my colleagues, and we want you to come back again next year and speak to all of our students!

Donna A. Gaffney, RN, DNSc, FAAN
Seton Hall University


Carol’s presentation was well regarded by the attendees of our New Jersey Nursing Students annual convention. The students expressed that they learned so much from her, were inspired by her, and that they would recommend her presentation to other attendees. As one student stated “the room was packed and rightfully so”. On behalf of NJNS, we appreciate your dedication to the education of nursing students and hope that you will return for our next convention, in a larger room!

Candace White, RN
Second-Vice President,
New Jersey Nursing Students, Inc.


Bravo! Carol! Your personal story was extremely enlightening both personally and professionally. Not only did you take the negative stigma away from mental illness for me, you reinforced the very reason why I chose to go into nursing in the first place to make a difference.

Nursing Student
Seton Hall University


Thank you for your optimism, your wisdom, and courage that you shared today. I will remember you and your story and hopefully make a difference in someone’s life.

Nursing Student
Seton Hall University