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Will I Ever Be the Same Again?
Transforming the Face of Depression & Anxiety

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Blessed with a loving family, a successful career and money in the bank, Carol Kivler was suddenly and unexpectedly brought to her knees by “The Beast” – clinical depression. The story of her journey to recovery from medication-resistant depression to mental wellness is not only informative but inspires hope in others who suffer from this debilitating mental illness.

In this newly revised and completely updated edition, “Will I Ever Be the Same Again, Transforming the Face of Depression & Anxiety”, Carol vividly describes her lived experience. She provides information and inspiration to reach beyond the myths and pervasive stigmas surrounding electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), depression and mental illness.

Finalist Best Books Awards 2018Kivler’s book is written for multiple audiences, especially individuals who are suffering from clinical depression and their loved ones. It is also for health care providers, who often make the difference between “giving up” and “recovery” for those suffering from mental illness. Her “Courageous Recovery Wellness Model” provides a roadmap for recovery while addressing the misconceptions and stigmas associated with depression.

Because medication did not work for her, and despite serious reservations, Kivler eventually agreed to ECT (electroconvulsive therapy, or shock treatment). ECT not only gave her back the desire to live, but the ability to flourish in her personal and professional life. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) became her “ladder out of the depression pit.” The book contains extensive information about this viable and very effective treatment option for medication resistant depression.

A new part III, “A Conversation with Carol” provides readers with an update on Carol’s work in the mental health field and informs them about what’s been happening with her both personally and professionally.

Eight years after her book was first written, Carol’s message to readers is that Recovery is Sustainable!


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Mental Health Recovery Boosters

A book of inspiration and reflection designed to move readers from mental illness to mental wellness and mental health. The 68 short but powerful essays stand alone with messages of motivational encouragement and personal accountability. Based on lessons the author learned during her journey out of mental illness, the inspirational essays encourage readers to reflect on daily choices and mental habits that affect their mental wellness. The mental health speaker discovered during her own journey that what she needed was an attitude shift – a shift from illness to wellness in order to sustain her recovery.

Readers are encouraged to thumb through the book until they feel the urge to stop and read. Each thought-provoking essay is accompanied by a question that encourages readers to look more deeply into patterns that may be affecting their recovery from mental illness to mental health. Space is provided to jot down important insights. Attention to wellness can make a big difference in dealing with a mental illness, and answering the questions helps transfer the commitment of wellness into one’s own life.

This powerful book will inspire you to hold yourself accountable for your own mental wellness and mental health. When you take the time to reflect on the essays and questions, you will be setting your wellness intentions out into the universe to manifest the life you were meant to live.

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The ABC’s of Recovery from Mental Illness

This handy pocket-sized guide presents 26 proven strategies that help those recovering from mental illness sustain their mental health. From “Accept your illness – it’s not your fault” to “Zero in on taking care of yourself every single day”, it’s packed with practical suggestions for anyone striving to sustain good mental health and leave mental illness behind.

The author was brought to her knees four times by “The Beast” – clinical depression. After her fourth episode she began exploring non-medical strategies for preventing relapse.

It’s been 14+ years since Carol’s last episode of depression. She credits the strategies in this book with helping her, and many others that she’s shared them with, to sustain recovery and live a productive and fulfilling life.

The book is sized so that it can be easily carried with you throughout the day, offering help as it’s needed. While small in stature, each of the 26 strategies offers evocative insight into non-medical options that work.

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Blessings: My Journal of Gratitude

This beautiful book will become your treasured companion. A companion for you to capture your own blessings on paper. Writing in this interactive journal is a heartfelt way to preserve your recollections and move more deeply into self-reflection and mental wellness.

Carol’s journal is a combination of her inspiring words, captivating watercolors, and thought provoking questions. This journal is the perfect gift for a special woman in your life.

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