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The Other Side of Psychosis


For many healthcare professionals, their frame of reference of individuals with depression and other mental illnesses is formed when these individuals are in crisis.  However, many individuals with a mental illness diagnosis have extended periods of time when they are not in crisis.  During these times they are active, focused, and able to manage day to day living successfully while contributing significantly to the world around them.  Well known individuals such as Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Mike Wallace, Patty Duke, and Jane Pauley were all diagnosed with some form of mental illness, but during the periods in their lives when they were not in crisis, each helped to enrich our world and better our lives.

Carol Kivler presents an honest look at how mental illness is currently viewed and what changes can and should take place to help those diagnosed reach their full potential.


To educate and assist Healthcare Professionals in becoming Mental Illness “Stigma Busters” by understanding how they can make a difference in the lives of those diagnosed with the illness.

Presentation Highlights

  • Dispelling the myths around mental illness
  • Understanding that recovery and mental health is not only possible, but probable
  • Helping patients to live and thrive with their mental illness diagnosis and disease
  • Creating a supportive healthcare professional/patient partnership