Mental Heath & Depression Recovery Speeches & Presentations

The ABCs of Recovery from Mental Illness


For individuals with mental illness, their loved ones and their healthcare providers, the topic of “how to recover and stay in recovery for long periods of time” is of primary concern. In the midst of mental illness, recovery and mental wellness can seem like the carrot that hangs just out of reach or some intangible force that requires a complicated code to unlock. Once achieved, recovery can mimic a fair-weathered friend that exits a relationship without notice.

During Carol’s own journey with depression, she searched for ways to sustain mental health recovery for more than a couple months at a time. After her fourth bout with treatment-resistant depression, she started to experiment with a variety of non-medical strategies and before she knew it, recovery began to be sustained, and mental wellness was attained.

Using the alphabet as a framework, this mental health presentation provides practical but powerful non-medical strategies and an overall approach for facing and maintaining recovery. This program is for those suffering from mental illness, medical and mental health providers, families, friends, organizations and anyone striving to sustain mental wellness. Carol shares the tools that support her mental wellness and that you can use on your own recovery journey.


To provide teachable skills and the tools to maintain good mental health. Ultimately, Carol’s goal is to help others move from mental illness to mental wellness!

Presentation Highlights Include

  • What is recovery?
  • Why do people relapse?
  • Understand that recovery is an on-going process.
  • Incorporate non-medical strategies to sustain health, wellness, and recovery.
  • Discover the lifestyle changes necessary to improve the quality of your life.
  • Find the combination of mental health strategies that work best for you, and even add a few of your own.