Mental Heath & Depression Recovery Speeches & Presentations

Putting the Face of Hope on Depression


Depression is a debilitating mental illness that is widespread, yet often misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and whispered about with ridicule leaving those who truly have it shamed into depriving themselves the very treatment that will help them to recover.

Chances are you or someone you know is, or has been directly affected by depression.   Major depression is not an attitude, a flaw in character, laziness or a call for attention; and it cannot be brought on or fought off by will. Depression is not something to be ashamed of and most importantly, it is not something that should be ignored because left untreated, serious depression can be life crippling and even lead to suicide.

One in four women will experience severe depression at some point in life. Depression is the number one cause of disability in women. Depression is more common than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined. Most startling is that only about one-fifth of all women who suffer from depression seek treatment. Depression is at an epidemic level, yet most women struggle in silence not seeking treatment. There is no better time to educate, support, and advocate for an open dialogue around this debilitating illness.

Carol Kivler’s mission is to put the face of hope on depression and mental illness. She is a courageous survivor and living proof that recovery from depression and mental illness is not only possible, but probable. After years spent dealing with her own debilitating depression while managing a family and a business, Carol was inspired to create mental health presentations that shine a light on the causes, stigmas and various treatment options associated with depression and mental illness as well as the reactions of family members and health care providers towards the depressed individual. Carol presents a wealth of information about the mental illness, the lives it touches and the stigma that can threaten those very lives in an honest, riveting, informative, inspirational, and memorable style.


To create an awareness of a widespread yet misunderstood mental illness, to expose the most common stigmas attached to both the illness and its treatment options and to provide tips to enrich and enhance the lives of the depressed individual and those who interact with them.

Presentation Highlights Include

  • Signs and symptoms that distinguish sadness from the depressive disorder
  • General overview of clinical depression
  • Various treatment options available
  • Tips for those who interact with a depressed individual
  • Courageous Recovery’s unique “Wellness Model” for consumers, loved ones and health care providers; out of the box ideas for enhancing mental health recovery
  • Strategies to reach beyond the myths and stigma surrounding mental illness