College of New Jersey

Carol Kivler is a symbol of hope for anyone struggling with mental illness. Her drive to battle stigma and her commitment to wellness are truly inspiring.

Extremely captivating story and a wonderful woman with the motivation and ideas our society needs.

A very inspiring presentation that displayed how someone with a mental illness can overcome and succeed in life.

She was a phenomenal speaker! Her story is empowering and should be shared so that we can try to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and empower others with similar stories to take control of their lives instead of letting mental illness control them.

I thought Carol’s lecture was fascinating and I really appreciated her bravery in being able to share her story. I walked away from her lecture with a lot of great ideas on how to bring more positivity and wellness in my own life.

Hearing your personal story was moving and inspiring! Your ability to talk about your life experiences and frame it in encouraging others – to be aware and advocates of the reality of mental illness and the importance of mental wellness. You educated and inspired me to treat others that suffer from mental illness, the same as physical illness.